Future service by Arogya Hospitals

Arogya Health City & Cancer Institute

1).Comprehensive Services in 1 Lakh 20 thousand Square Feet.

2).In Aggregate AHC provide advanced level of care in over 25 specialities.

3).Redifining Health Care in Non Metros.


1).To Ensure Best in-Class Health care at Affordable price . 2).Improving patient Awareness about Diseases & Treatment. 3).Investing on Advanced Health Care.

What We Do Best

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Intensive Care

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    Best In Services

Surgical Gastroenterology

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    Best In Services

Cardiac Care

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    Best In Services

Kidney Care

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    Best In Services

Transparent billing and cost effective treatment


Saved Critically Patients




Saved Covid Patients

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ADVIA Centaur CP

We Use "ADVIA Centaur CP" The ADVIA Centaur CP System is easy to operate, increases efficiency and streamlines workflow.

Dimension EXL 200

We Use Latest Technology Dimension EXL 200 integrated clinical chemistry and immunoassay analyzer simplifies diagnostic laboratory operations and improves efficiency.