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Our critical care team works seamlessly with the Emergency and Cardiac Services departments to deliver time-sensitive assessments, diagnoses, and treatment needed to help those who are in critical condition. They work closely with cardiologists, anesthesiologists, Neuro surgeons and other critical care nephrology specialists in the hospital to help bring each patient the specific care needed for their condition. Arogya hospital has a set of highly skilled staff and specialized equipment specially designed to provide patients with comprehensive medical care.

About Arogya Hospital

Arogya Hospitals was started in 4th April 2016 By Two Clinicians, Dr.Sumanth Moparthi & Dr.Ponnam Subba Rao as an OPD Clinic with 20 Bedded inpatient Hospital. Within no time Due to High acceptance of people around khammam, It was Expanded to 100 Bedded Hospital. We Succeeded in providing Quality Health Care with Highend Equipment and expert Doctors, Rather than imposing the burden of unnecessary luxurious amenities over the patient. We belive in cost cutting health care.

Within 6 years of excellency in various departments, arogya hospitals has served around 7 lakh patients in which 30% of services are free of cost.in addition to providing medical, surgical & emergency services we provide advanced teritiary health care in various specialities like cardiology, urology, nephrology, neuro surgery & neurology,oncology and minimal access surgery. over the past 6 years arogya hospital has touched the lives of hundres of thousands of surrounding 3 districts.

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Cardio Care

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Kidney Care

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Amazing Team

Meet Our Amazing Team...

Dr.K.Sri Harsha
MBBS, MS, DNB SURGICAL Gastroenterology.
Dr.Ponnam Subbarao
M.D(BHU),D.M.(K.M.U Mumbai)
Senior Interventional Cardiologist
Dr.Rao Anusha
MD General medicine ( RMC)
Dr.Sumanth M.D
Internal Medicine Dip.in.Diabetology
Dr.Nandanandan MS(OPT)
Dr.Priyanka M.D
Dermatologist Skin Specialist
Dr.Abhishek Donthula
Neuro Surgeon
Dr.CH.V.Vinay Kumar Goud
M.S.,General Surgeon,FEMAS,FIAGES
General & Laparoscopic Surgeon
Dr.Raghavendra Gummadi
M.S.,M.Ch (Gandhi Hospital)
Dr.Chava Srujana
( MBBS DNB Radiology ) (Apollo Jubli Hills)
Dr.V.Durga Prasad
(MBBS MD) Anestesia & Critical Care


Meet Our Amazing Department

K.Venu Gopal


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